Pressurized Tanks and Low Temperature Service API-620 "Q" and "R"

Over the years, AT&V, Inc. has constructed API-620 tanks for many applications. The API-620 Appendix "Q" & "R" support pressures to a maximum of 15 psig with temperatures to -270°F. The size of tanks for this application may range from as small as 18' in diameter to as large as 250' in diameter. Many of the API-620 projects require special support for temperature, pressure and foundation design. AT&V, Inc. supports a turnkey process that offers foundation design, foundation construction, coating systems and insulation. AT&V, Inc. also supports a complete QA/QC program for API-620 tanks.

Right: Sphere storage may be utilized for low temperature and/or a combination of services. The spheres shown to the left are dual designed for -50°F at 25psig or +150°F at 275psig. Such utilization of world class spheres benefit projects by minimizing real-estate, minimizing cost associated with supporting equipment and maximizing customer utility through designs that cover a wide range of pressures and temperatures within one structure.

Right: The API 620 Code represents the worlds leading technology for the storage of LNG, Ethylene, Ethane, Ammonia, liquid elements of air such as LOX, LIN, Helium, Argon, Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide. In addition to these traditional products of storage, API-620 tanks are also used in peakshaving facilities around the world.

Above: The use of low temperature tank storage is supported by the API-620 "Q" and "R". AT&V, Inc. uses the newest technology for the design and construction of these tanks. Shown is an API-620 Appendix "R" tank. This 104' Ø X 85' high tank is constructed for 2.5 psig @ -40°F.

Left: The vertical API-620 in the foreground and background are designed to 15 psig with a flat bottom. AT&V, Inc. is responsible for the integration of an anchoring and foundation design that produces over four million pounds of uplift per tank. Each tank is fitted with 120,000 pounds of structural and over 80 shell penetrations.

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