AT&V People

Leaders, followers faithful and bold.  People planning work safely, of quality, on time and of value.  People thinking of others, working together sharing what is received. People living their principles following in their beliefs, reaching out to others.  People who have respect for one another and a passion for what they do.  People acting as one, caring for where we go.  People proud to be tankies.

10 Things AT&V People Do

  1. Improve their habits each day.
  2. Greet each person and day with love.
  3. Never stop moving forward and never lose their courage.
  4. Family 100% and Career 100%.
  5. Set their goals, for they are God’s best handiwork.
  6. Never put off doing today what needs to be done, for tomorrow might not be available.
  7. Stay strong by controlling their emotions and never be petty.
  8. Put things in their place and laugh.
  9. Choose their own destiny and state it each day.
  10. Always do their best, for each calling is great when greatly pursued.