AT&V is the World Leader in Tank and
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The AT&V team brings together the people, knowledge,
equipment and passion to find solutions for our industry’s
needs. Whether your challenge is environmental, process,
schedule or compliance, AT&V delivers solutions for success.

AT&V continues to improve project schedules. Each year AT&V
completes dozens of critical-schedule projects on time and
ahead of schedule. As examples, we’ve listed two projects and
their schedules in the next column.

We offer a family of companies specializing in design, procurement and construction of tank and terminal projects around the world. Whether your project requires one tank or 50, the AT&V family of companies can deliver.

building a storage tank


55’ API-650 Bottom Replacementinside of tank

Award Date: 1/9/12
Mechanical Complete: 1/16/12
Total Duration: 1 week

This 55’-diameter API-650 cone roof
tank required the removal
of the existing bottom and installation
of an entirely new bottom with appropriate testing, door sheet
and inspections. Work was executed on a fast-track schedule
with AT&V’s safety systems implemented.

180’ Roof Performance support structure inside tank

Mobilization date: 4/5/09
De-mobilization date: 6/12/09
Total Duration: 4 ½ weeks
(no overtime)

AT&V was required to cold-cut significant portions of the roof
skin and remove 100% of the roof, replacing failed and corroded
rafters, as well as miscellaneous repairs to the top angle and
tie-in points. Scope of work required the complete demo and
restoration of the tank roof on 40-hour weeks.


ATV’s World of Solutions for Tanks and Terminals

  • API 650, 620, 625, 653 and 2610
  • EFRs, IFRs and Seal Work
  • Jacking and Leveling of Tanks
  • Turnkey, Civil and Mechanical

The AT&V team will bring a world of experience to meet your objectives in
an efficient, timely and professional manner, providing the most advanced
technology for tank emission reductions.


aerial view of teal storage tanks