An Old Industry Built on Gifts

The longer you look at our carriers in the tank business, the more dramatic the simplicity of it all becomes.  Every event in our growth is tied to a gift.  I am not referring to a material gift but gifts of other types.  At this time of the year when giving is so prevalent it is important to remember the gifts we have received.

In receiving a gift there is a unique obligation to use it wisely, respect it and to share it.  For if we share these gifts isn’t it a tribute to the one who gave the gift.  The secret in how to share the gift lies in who the gifts are from.  Whether a smile or the greatest knowledge in the world, the kind of gift does not mater.  Sharing the smallest to the greatest gifts is the goal.

One gift is knowledge of all types.  To be knowledgeable about patience, virtue, honor and technical things.  To have gained understanding of all types of issues from our fathers and mentors, sons and co-workers or even strangers and preachers.  These gifts of others are found in every minute of our lives and often go on after the givers life on earth has passed.

The second gift is from ourselves to our ourselves.  The free will, that we posses, lets each of us decide where we will go.  Our passion and desires are set in motion by gifts we give ourselves.  These gifts, as others, do not come without a price.  The gifts to ourselves may be dedication, commitments and exercise.  If these gifts are wise and used in an appropriate manner we should recognize such.  Inside your own heart it is healthy to pay credit when due.

The last gift is of talent.  Not the ability someone has learned,but the gift of God.  These come not only at birth but  throughout our lives.  To look hard at ones life it is difficult to miss these gifts of God.  The gift of talent appears when we are young and fashions to fit our lives as we grow old.  To share this gift through prayer for others and of thanks is most important.

Between these three gifts: Knowledge, Desire, and Talent we find the answers to our tank career questions and many of those in life.  Let us hope we will be good stewards of the gifts we receive and learn to give of ourselves.