American Tank & Vessel, Inc. announces expansion of contract

 American Tank & Vessel, Inc. announces expansion of contract for 2,000,000 barrels of storage in Galenda Park, TX

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. (AT&V) has received an expanded contract of services associated with a 2,000,000 barrel storage facility being constructed by AT&V at Galena Park, TX.  The current contract, a continuation of a 1,000,000 barrel storage facility expansion, represents one of AT&V’s largest projects in the Houston region.  “The expanded contracts continue the long term relationship that AT&V has enjoyed with Magellan”, according to W.J. Cutts, AT&V’s President.  Some of the project has already been complete and turned over to Magellan supporting AT&V’s commitment to complete the entire project on time or ahead of schedule.

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. was founded in Mobile, Alabama in 1982.  The company owns and maintains all assets and investments needed to provide a full range of tank and vessel capability, capacity and expertise to execute turnkey contracts for all terminal, pipeline, mill and plant projects for federal and public administrations, private-owner corporations and industrial engineering and construction companies in the U.S. and in several foreign countries.  Its projects are typically large-scale industrial, power, energy, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear-waste and wastewater projects and often include fast-track engineering and construction demands.  These assets include:  design, fabrication/pre-fabrication, production, shipping and construction of field-erected and shop-built tanks, pressure vessels, spheres, towers, stacks, bins, silos and all other equipment made of formed and welded steel plate.

AT&V corporate and financial offices are located in Mobile, AL.  The company’s main North American fabrication operations are housed in a 33 acre industrial facility located in Lucedale, MS with a subsequent 150 plus acre facility in Mosspoint, MS.  Offices in Houston, TX. also support a 10 acre laydown fabrication facility, as well as, offices in other key locations.  AT&V has engineering and construction support facilities in Mobile, AL., Houston, TX., Baton Rouge, LA., Birmingham, AL., and Lucedale, MS.  Abroad, AT&V’s offers sales and support services for Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean.