AT&V Purchases Mississippi Gulf Coast Property

AT&V Purchases Mississippi Gulf Coast Property to Provide Transport and Export Shipping of Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels to Clients in U. S. and Abroad

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. (AT&V) has purchased 150 acres of industrial waterfront property in the Port of Moss Point, Mississippi and is developing the facility to assemble oversized pressure vessels and tanks for water transportation to clients’ plant locations in the U. S. and abroad.

James Davidson, Director and Vice President of Operations for AT&V selected the location and negotiated the purchase in order to control the schedule of delivery and improved economics for AT&V clients.

Speaking for the company the founder, W. J. Cutts, AT&V’s President said, “AT&V puts its emphasis on Safety, Quality and Schedule and treats these three separate disciplines as the whole standard of AT&V’s Product.  So, our practice has always been to reinvest capital from earnings to strengthen and streamline AT&V’s Product.  The acquisition of this facility in Moss Point is part of AT&V’s schedule performance strategy for the company’s future.  Furthermore, this builds on AT&V’s past schedule performance history”.  AT&V’s company-wide history shows that greater than 99% of its projects have been completed on-time or ahead of schedule.  This is an astonishing rate of success that might be questionable for anyone who doesn’t know how we operate”.

AT&V’s facility at the Port of Moss Point fronts a sea going barge-depth channel that leads to the Inter-Coastal Waterway just south of Pascagoula, Mississippi and on to the open waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Moss Point facility is connected by State Route 63 to Interstate Route 10 (approx. 3 miles north) and to AT&V’s Central Operations and Fabrication Complex in Lucedale, Mississippi (approx. 30 miles north).  Additionally, AT&V Moss Point is directly connected to the AT&V Lucedale facility by rail line with services provided by Mississippi Export Railroad of Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Although, the expansion and development of the Moss Point facility will be developed over the coming months and years, the first projects are already contracted for the facility.

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. was founded in Mobile, Alabama in 1982.  The company owns and maintains all assets and investments needed to provide a full range of tank and vessel capability, capacity and expertise to execute turnkey contracts for all terminal, pipeline, mill and plant projects for federal and public administrations, private-owner corporations and industrial engineering and construction companies in the U. S. and in several foreign countries.  Its projects are typically large-scale industrial, power, energy, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear-waste and wastewater projects and often include fast-track engineering and construction demands.  These assets include:  design, fabrication/pre-fabrication, production, shipping and construction of field-erected and shop-built tanks, pressure vessels, spheres, towers, stacks, bins, silos and all other equipment made of formed and welded steel plate.

AT&V corporate and financial offices are located in Mobile, AL.  The company’s main North American operations are housed in a 33 acre industrial facility located in Lucedale, MS.  AT&V has engineering and construction support facilities in Mobile, AL, Houston, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Lucedale, MS.  Abroad, AT&V offers sales and service support for Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean.