Target completion of 3 million barrel storage facility in Houston.

American Tank & Vessell, Inc. announces target completion of 3 million barrel storage facility in Houston.

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. (AT&V) has reported a target completion of first quarter 2008 for a (3) million barrel tank farm expansion in Houston, TX.  The expansion work included (30) 100,000 barrel API-650 tanks with internal floating roofs.

The (30) tank project, constructed in (3) separate mobilizations, required approximately (24) months of field construction for the overall project.  Some duties associated with painting have been rescheduled to minimize site impacts.

The photograph to the right shows the status of the north site as of 4/1/07.  The shortest north site duration of construction for AT&V was approximately (4) months with an overall north site project average of (1) tank per month.  AT&V’s scope of responsibility included the design, fabrication, tank erection with internal floating roofs, and exterior painting.

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4/1/07 North Site - Tanks Completed 7/26/07

10/2/07 So. Site – Target Completion March 08

The photograph on the left shows AT&V’s project at the south site as of 10/2/07.  The last (5) foundations were turned over to AT&V around 5/23/07 and the tanks were started soon after.  This site was negatively impacted by adverse weather that occurred in the first and second quarter of 2007.  AT&V expanded field capacity to bring the project in on schedule.


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The photograph on the right shows the progress at the sites as of 12/22/07. AT&V’s current plan, as of January, is to maintain progress as established in the fourth quarter of 2007.  Adhering to the customer’s instructions, AT&V will complete the tanks in batches rather than as singular tanks.  The south site schedule will yield more than one tank per month exceeding the north site overall productivity.

30-120’ X 60’ IFR Tanks 12/22/07 by AT&V

AT&V’s management has been impressed by the customer’s ability to deliver the foundations in consideration of the adversed weather experienced in 2007.  A combined team effort has netted the required construction schedule.  “Success in safety, quality and schedules has led to a result that we can be very proud of”, said W.T. Cutts, American Tank & Vessel, Inc. Vice President.

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. was founded in Mobile, Alabama in 1982.  The company owns and maintains all assets and investments needed to provide a full range of tank and vessel capability, capacity and expertise to execute turnkey contracts for all terminal, pipeline, mill, and plant projects for federal and public administrations, private-owner corporations and industrial engineering and construction companies in the U.S. and in several foreign countries.  Its projects are typically large-scale industrial, power, energy, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear-waste and wastewater projects and often include fast-track engineering and construction demands.  These assets include:  design, fabrication/pre-fabrication, production, shipping and construction of field-erected and shop-built tanks, pressure vessels, spheres, towers, stacks, bins, silos and all other equipment made of formed and welded steel plate.

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AT&V corporate and financial offices are located in Mobile, AL with the largest fabrication facility in Lucedale, MS.  Offices in Houston, TX also support a 10 acre laydown fabrication facility, as well as, offices in other key locations.  AT&V has engineering and construction support facilities in Mobile, AL, Houston, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Lucedale, MS.  Abroad, AT&V offers sales and support services for Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean.