barge with vessel at Moss Point
Fabricated and Shipped via Barge (1) FCC Fractionator Column, 22’ in diameter x 149.83’ tangent-to-tangent, 516-70  Carbon Steel w/410S Clad

The AT&V Moss Point Fabrication Facility Provides Transport and Export Shipping of Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels to Clients in U. S. and Abroad

The 150 acres of industrial waterfront property in the Port of Moss Point, Mississippi facility assembles oversized pressure vessels and tanks for water transportation to clients’ plant locations in the U. S. and abroad.

AT&V’s facility at the Port of Moss Point fronts a sea going barge-depth channel that leads to the Inter-Coastal Waterway just south of Pascagoula, Mississippi and on to the open waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Moss Point facility is connected by State Route 63 to Interstate Route 10 (approx. 3 miles north) and to AT&V’s Central Operations and Fabrication Complex in Lucedale, Mississippi (approx. 30 miles north).  Additionally, AT&V Moss Point is directly connected to the AT&V Lucedale facility by rail line with services provided by Mississippi Export Railroad of Pascagoula, Mississippi.

“AT&V puts its emphasis on Safety, Quality and Schedule and treats these three separate disciplines as the whole standard of AT&V’s Product.  So, our practice has always been to reinvest capital from earnings to strengthen and streamline AT&V’s Product”    W. J. Cutts, AT&V’s President