Tank Heaven

We can all imagine what it might look like. The sun rises on a site that is high and dry with extra room.  The air is 75° and there is no wind.  The salesman has sold what we build and the customer has bought what we sold.

Your permits are written before you arrive at the site and the coffee is waiting.  Every man, holewatch and firewatch shows up on time, at the correct site, with the proper attire.

Drawings are completed with the orders, error free and in English.  Fuel cells never run dry, automatics run and every man has a 20-ton sky hook.

Liner subs send too many workers, painting subs actually paint the tanks and civil subs finish ahead of time completing the entire scope.  Oiled sand comes with the oil in it and in place by others.

Customer pay early and vendors require payment per the contract.

Wow what a place, see you there!