The Year of 2004

The Year of 2004

Each year I try to write something to say how much the employees of AT&V mean to me.  This is but a small token of my respect and admiration for the family at AT&V.


A Tank Builder’s Journey

I will want to build
So I will learn

I will want to learn
So I will follow

I will follow
So I will respect

I will respect
So I will care

I will care
So I will give

I will give
So I will know

I will know
So I can build


Tough Love

It’s not the love that is tough; it is the resolution to love that is tough.  The Lord set the highest standard of tough love with His own Son.

As a Christian, we will be called to learn from His gift.

While all others around stop, go on

While it hurts, bear all

While spit upon, respectfully step forward

While you bleed, continue to give

While it costs too much, humbly spend more

When the loss is too great, call on Him